The services below are only for preschool, children, and adolescent clients.

Cognitive Behavioral and Behavioral Interventions
Behavioral Consultation and Behavioral Intervention Program Design (PBIP)
Solution-focused Family Interventions

Memory Coaching/Training is different from a traditional therapeutic relationship. The role of the coach is to provide various cognitive-based activities whether on paper or computer and assist or teach the trainee with strategies or skills in improving performance. For young children and adolescents, a parent is enlisted to help reinforce these strategies. For college-students and adults, often training may take more individual coaching sessions to support learning. Performance baselines and several data points are gathered as a way to monitor progress. The coach or trainer can work alongside any other professionals who are treating the person to provide feedback on performance and progress.  A final summative report can be provided to the individual or other professionals.

Executive Functioning Training/Coaching is different from a traditional therapeutic role. The role of the coach is to introduce, teach, and have the trainee practice strategies in the real world. For children and adolescents, often the parent or teacher is enlisted as an assistant coach to reinforce these skills. The long-term goal of executive functioning training executive functioning skills is to have the trainee be able to attend to, retain and follow through with schoolwork, independent of a parent or tutor.

Executive Functioning and Memory Skills Group Trainings 

Executive Skills training groups are typically offered three times a year for 10 weeks. Sessions go from October to December; January to March; and April to June. Group skills training is provided for children, adolescents, college students, and adults. There will be a pre-test and post-test assessment. For more information, contact Dr. Holifield at


Depending on the client’s concerns and pre-test findings, an individually-tailored training session can be designed to focus on executive functioning and or memory training.

Dr. Holifield is a certified Cogmed Provider for individual working memory training. He offers computer-based coaching in working memory that spans anywhere from a 5-week to 8 week sessions. This service can be provided to individuals living outside of San Luis Obispo.  Interviews can be in the office or, if living in another area, by telephone. Coaching can be conducted over the phone. This type of training requires a strong commitment and time in one’s schedule in order to receive benefit from the training. Dr. Holifield offers two training packages: 1) Adult and 2) Preschool, Child, Adolescents. For the latter training, parents are enlisted to assist the trainee with organization and support. For more information about CogMed and the potential benefits, please click on the link below:

Services Offered

  • Parent Consultation and Training
  • Collaborative Consultation with Schools
  • School-based contracts for Special Education Assessment
  • School-based Mental Health Program Design
  • Special Education Consultation in Legal Proceedings
  • Consultation related to violence threat potential and re-entry to school or college
  • Professional Workshops and Trainings

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Problems with Executive Functioning- Children, Adolescents, College Students

Memory Problems and Working Memory Issues-Preschool through Young Adults (College Students)

ADHD-Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention-Preschool through College Students

Learning Disorders-Assessment, Diagnosis-Children through College Students

Behavioral and Emotional Concerns- (Preschool through Adolescents)

• Anger and Aggression
• Oppositional Behaviors
• Depression and Anxiety

Clinical, educational, and neuropsychological assessment-ADHD, emotional, and learning disorders (Preschool to College Students)
Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA)-(Preschool to Adolescents)
Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)-(Preschool to Adolescents)

Additional Services